Greetings From our Principal

Bismilla hir Rahmaa nirraheem

It is indeed a pleasure to bring greetings from the Principal’s Office to our School and wider community, on the re – launch of our school’s website, “”.

As we strive for excellence we must engage in reflection upon our humble beginning and record the progress made since the early days of the 1960’s. In this our 60th year of existence, our vision of a spiritual and moral values based on education, intertwined with academic excellence has been an attainable reality for many of our students. We hope our students and parents continue to share this vision and work with us as stakeholders to achieve success.

The school’s administration, staff and students continue to develop new systems and methods of learning and adapting to the challenges of an ever changing environment. With the new thrusts being made by the Ministry of Education for Secondary School Modernization, there are many ongoing changes in curriculum, assessment, teaching, and learning strategies. We must avail ourselves of them whether we are parents, teachers or students. I want to encourage all stakeholders to work assiduously for the improvement of our beloved ASJA BOYS’ COLLEGE. The service of each individual working towards achievement is a form of worship and also a powerful method of self-transformation. This kind of service comes when we remember we are Allah’s creation. It is the genuine intention of our actions at all time that will make ASJA Boys’ College what we want it to be.

I pray that Almighty Allah will shower his choicest blessings on us and guide us on the right path.

Alim S. Ali

Principal II